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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Muzza Moves

Well done Richard Murray for preparing the ground for a potential investor / buyer to enter the fray. It is good news of course, but celebration is somewhat premature. It is Murray's next move that is likely to be the really interesting one. I don't normally like posting the material of others, as it is the information and views of someone else that is already in the public domain, but maybe a poster on Charlton Life has uncovered the next part of the story when he posted this;

"Just done a bit of digging around and noticed that a new company was formed 16th July 2010 called Charlton Athletic 2010 Limited (Reg No 07317403). Its registered office is in Leeds. It has 2 shareholders; Michael Bold with an address in Cheshire and Sebastien Charles Sainsbury with an address in Geneva. Both of these people have only one other Directorship listed, a company called Caistorian Limited which also has a registered address in Leeds and was incorporated on the same date, 16th July 2010. Sebastien Sainbury tried to buy Leeds in 2004".

Sainsbury is relatively easy to find information about, and yes he is part of the family, but it makes you wonder who Michael Bold is?


  1. I bet he washes whiter DD...

    Perhaps that was the link to Leeds..

    Whoever did the digging on Charlton Life did a fine job.

    Pembury Addick

  2. I can confirm that talks are ongoing about a take-over after having dialogue this lunchtime with an interested party. It could be happy days ahead, but there is still a long way to go.

    Pedro 45

  3. Have a look at this bloke's cv
    Do you think this could be 'Micheal' Bold

    He is working for accountants in Manchester .
    He runs a specialist sports practise , investigations, etc .......... I wonder