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Friday, 11 June 2010

Anothe One Bites The Dust

How a third division club could justify having both a CEO and a MD was lost on me. Regular readers will know that I didn't rate Waggott at all, and I am delighted that he will be removed from the payroll as at the end of this month. Kavanagh as an accountant is far better suited to the role of overall head of the club's day to day affairs given the straitened circumstances Charlton finds itself in, and I wish him well.

In Waggott and Moutaouakil we now have two expensive heads removed, McLeod remains as the blot on the copybook, and it is a concern rather than a surprise that his agent has warned that his player will not be pushed out the door. In other words McLeod will have no qualms about taking his salary for another year, and doing as little as possible for it if necessary.

As for other rumours, well they are just that. Bailey leaving is only a matter of time, and I would expect us to get about £500k for him. No doubt when the deal is done, it will have various appearance and sell on clauses, but the reality is that £500k probably represents the best value we can get for him presently. All the talk of £1m transfer fees are quite frankly silly. Other than that, it is difficult to see who else is likely to command a fee. Youga, Semedo, and Racon are the most likely, but it wouldn't surprise me if all three remain Charlton players when the transfer window clangs shut.

As for incomings, well I have to believe they will be freebie journeymen and promising fourth division and non-league players. Despite the removal of two high earners, I suspect that is all we can realistically afford these days.

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