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Thursday, 20 May 2010

Silly Season

Not the one just gone, but the short summer break during which all sorts of comings, and mainly goings will be happening in SE7. It is widely known that 14 players contracts are up this summer, but here as a reminder is a run down of who is on what contract, and what I think may happen to them.

Contract End 2010

Clark (Released)
Dickson (Released)
McKenzie (Released)
Sinclair (Released)
Sodje S
Spring (Released)
Warner (Released)

Of these, I would expect Basey, Solly, and Wagstaff to be offered new deals. I would also like to see Burton, Dailly, and Randolph offered one year extensions as well. I am unclear as to whether Sinclair and Stavrinou are good enough to warrant a new deal, and I believe the rest will go, either as not good enough, or in the case of Sam because somebody else can afford to pay him more than we can.

Contract End 2011

Sodje A

From a financial perspective, the removal of McLeod and Moutaouakil is an imperative. I would expect the others to stay, with the possible exception of Bailey who might command a fee worth releasing him for. The reality is that if anybody came in with a semi sensible financial offer for any of these players, the club are more likely than not to take it. The exception here is of course Sodje Jnr who we have apparently signed. A deeply uninspiring start to the summer transfer window. He didn't do it, or even remotely look like doing it this season, so why on earth does Parkinson think he will do it next season?

Contract End 2012


Will stay unless somebody comes in with some money to spend on buying him.

First Pro Contract


The Rest

I believe that Parkinson has a deal to the end of next season, so I expect him to stay, although I don't believe he is good enough quite frankly. As for behind the scenes, can we get rid of the ineffective Waggott please? I also expect to see Rick Everitt leave as well, but that is more down to what he has been reported as saying about the management of the club rather than anything else. Who knows, maybe he already knew he was going when he made those statements, and I for one agree with them wholeheartedly.


  1. Interesting post ... I broadly agree on your judgement of those out of contract in 2010, although I would say Sam Sodje is worth keeping (if we can afford him) and Matt Spring who hardly got a look in this season. Sinclair definitely isn't good enough for a new deal judging by successive managers' decision to loan him out almost immediately after we signed him.

    Of the 2011 lot, I agree re. McLeod and Moutaouakil, and I would be tempted to try and get Fleetwood off the wage bill as well. Bailey will obviously go for financial reasons ... but surely there is no way we can afford to keep hold of Racon or Semedo either?

    Presumably all the loan signings will go back from whence they came, but it would be good if we could at least convince Kyel Reid to stick around.

    Anyway, like you say, it's going to be a turbulent summer!

  2. This is a very interesting piece. I tend to agree with all of your conclusions. The fact that McLeod, Moutaouakil and Fleetwood will all be on the books next year is shocking and further evidence of the mess Pardew created. I continue to be surprised that it seems not to be widely understood that he, much more so than Dowie (and than Parkinson obviously) is the "Bad Guy" (that's very polite!!)and the direct cause of much of the Club's cash flow problems.

  3. Thanks for this info. Sinclair is definitely not good enough, nor is Stavrinou. My understanding is that Randolph will be going and we are signing a non-league keeper as back up.

  4. Thanks for this post. Post-promotion failure I have been trying to find out the contractual situation. I agree with your thoughts, other than A Sodje, who is the sort of battering-ram striker you do need on your books. He's not the answer for even 10 goals a season, I would confess.