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Thursday, 9 July 2009

Where To Start?

Strangely a lot has happened, and yet nothing has really happened. I expect all that to change very very soon though. The main event really needs to arrive in the shape of a takeover, or an injection of sizeable new funding. I still maintain though, that Reg will have oiled the wheels, but is not the front man.

So what has occurred?

Richardson looks a useful signing, but can I share a worry with you? Does the following quote sound familiar? "He's exactly the type of character we're looking for" Bloody hell, the "C" word again! McCarthy allegedly had it, so did Hudson, and yet both these "C" word possessors have shuffled of this Charlton coil. Still, he cannot look any more inept than Llera did last night can he?

It is also proof, if ever it was needed, that Moo2 has indeed had his day. Disliked by both management and players, allegedly, there really is nowhere else for him to go but out. If you can't even arrive at Welling as part of one of two teams, your chips really are down!

Welling, and indeed pre-season friendlies for me are important. This time last year, I pontificated on the team bonding qualities of a successful run in to the season, and do you know what?, we had a good pre-season last year. Trust me, I know what I am talking about. We really benefitted from it didn't we? A gentle trot out, but from what I have read, it was just like watching ....... errr ....... Charlton. Deeply uninspiring.

New Kit. Can I just add my voice to the dissenters over the way it was "revealed". I suspect the reason for this, was the timing of our signing up of our former manager "krbs". I have to say, that this sponsorship pleases me. Not the monetary value, which is poor, let's not deny it, but it is a proper local sponsorship. For me, it represents the first time this has happened, since the Woolwich proudly adorned our heaving breasts (steady - Ed), which incidentally is the last time I bought a shirt for myself. The vagaries of buying the latest shirt is a fad (ho ho) that I have only fallen into because the Roon likes having the latest Charlton gear (damn).

The latest player contract position is attached, and do you know what?; judging by the transfer activity, it looks like Parkinson is still going to be our manager.....maybe. Oh, and Zheng and Wright? Both as predicted have gone. Now for Andy Gray, hopefully.


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