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Tuesday, 7 July 2009

The End Is Near

Richard Murray and Derek Chappell have received extensive legal advice on attending this weeks Fans Forum, Q&A session on the 9th July 2009 and have been instructed by our legal advisors that it would not be appropriate for them to attend a public meeting at the current time. The event will be re-arranged as soon as the two Chairmen get clearance to talk freely with supporters on a range of issues.

The above was sent to all those due to attend the Q&A session, and I got it about 5:45. Now this is going to be news when it comes out. Whatever the takeover, or injection of new monies ends up looking like, and who is fronting it, and indeed behind it must be due for announcement very soon.

Oh and the latest contracts position is here, not that I am really interested in it today.



  1. As for the contracts - Dickson and Wagstaff both have another year, both run out in 2010.

    Tuna is still on a scholarship, now in his second year, so has 1 season to go. Of course he may have or could sign pro but I'd expect the club to announce that.

  2. Thanks - I am going to go with you on this. Dickson was definitely signed initially until June 2009, and that was on the official website, but given we have had no news of him leaving or staying, does suggest that his contract was extended at some point. Wagstaff I was unsure about anyway, and yes Tuna is a scholar, so I have removed him from the equation.