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Thursday, 2 July 2009

Domino Dancing

Well that was all very smooth, and easy to work out. As soon as Johnson left Cardiff, it was fairly clear to see that Hudson, who had been linked with them consistently, was going to take that trip down the M4. A big hand to the board here, as £1.075m, rising potentially by £250k if they get promoted, is a damn fine piece of business, for a workmanlike centre back, who had joined on a free the year previously.

Free is relative of course, as I am sure he would have been on a five digit salary, never mind the signing on fee. The board may deserve some opprobrium of late, but credit where credit's due, this was good business. I only hope the payment terms are such, that there is some portion of the cash being paid now, in order that Parkinson can recruit. Another centre back is still required, even assuming that Fortune signs a new deal, although I do expect to see Semedo used there next season as well.

So, who is next? The rumour mill suggests it may well be Shelvey, and in a sense I hope it is. Why? Well, if Shelvey does go for big money, it means that Racon, Bailey, and Sam will only need to be sold, if they start playing Billy Big Bollocks, a la Scotty Parker, (or Spotty Farter, as my daughter calls him to this day).

There is, however, at least one very thorny issue to be resolved, namely Andy Gray. Here is a man contracted until 2011, and who is almost certainly the highest earner on the club's books presently. I would be amazed if any transfer fee for him is achievable, given the salary level likely to be asked for in negotiation. It may well be that we cannot even give him away, and if that turns out to be true, any short term financial good achieved by selling Shelvey, will be largely undone by Gray staying with us next season.

Follow the link to see the latest updated contract status.


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