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Friday, 3 April 2009

Money For Nothing?

By my reckoning, we had a shade under 15,000 season ticket holders last year, but regardless of that, what of next season? The proposed season ticket prices in themselves will not be attractive enough to stop another mass exodus, especially when seen in the light of the current economic climate, but how big will that exodus be?

I am fairly convinced it will be more dramatic than the 20% that didn't renew last year. Some of that fall out last time was masked by 700 new applicants, which let's face it, will not happen this time round, but I believe that we will probably have less than the 12,000 mark, which is what a 20% failure to renew would mean. I have been surprised at just how many of my friends have declared their intent not to renew, and continue to do so, even after the prices have been announced.

I wonder if the Board will use the next couple of weeks to gauge reaction before making a few tweaks to what is already on the table? An early bird offer would be an obvious mechanism to utilise. As for me, I have already nailed my colours to the mast on this one. I shall be renewing both my season tickets, and to be honest the £100 combined saving had nothing to do with it. I will miss more games than the £100 saving, so on pure economics, I should be buying on the gate.

I am doing this because the club needs me, more than I need the club right now. I probably won't buy until the last minute however, as I don't believe we have heard the full story on pricing yet. I wonder how many others feel the same? Not good for Charlton's cashflow, and I suspect that alone will prompt a revision to the pricing structure that has been put forward.

What would have incentivised me had I needed it? A new management team please.


  1. Interesting post. Every year there are many people who say they won't renew and then do eventually. However, I agree that numbers will fall sharply, although not below 10,000 as some have argued. An early bird offer would be attractive, as would some free cup games.

  2. Sciurus Carolinensis Nemesis3 April 2009 at 18:43

    A retention rate of 20% will count as a major success given the preposterous pricing of next season's tickets. The board have got it way wrong and the impact on attendances could be catastrophic