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Wednesday, 23 July 2008

It's A Mystery

To mislay one match against a national team is careless, but to do it twice? Interesting article on the Dover match on the official website, which 'fesses up to the mighty Addicks not actually having played the Gibraltar national team at all. What is it with Charlton and national teams? I mean, it is not as if we are talking about mixing up teams with similar sounding names is it? For Gibraltar, read Lincoln, and I don't even mean the mighty Imps. I can't even think of a team that sounds like "Iran", so that one had to go didn't it?

The same article informs us that we have a French triallist playing in midfield, which is good, and Jon Fortune playing in defence, which is bad, as it suggests he may not be going to Preston after all. Maybe, we can't get that defender Pards is allegedly after, and as such can't release Fortune. No Magic, of course, so the rumour mill must still believe that he is on his way to sunnier climes any day soon. Shame about Timar as well, as we really do need a headline capture or two. As each day passes, the chances of that happening, must be looking more remote. Maybe, we are caught up in a domino effect, where the money from Magic is needed to make a tile or two of our own tumble. Here's hoping!!


As Anonymous has pointed out in his comment, Magic did play last night at Dover, despite what the official site was saying earlier in the day. Is the transfer off?, or are we watching the last throw of the negotiating dice, that on behalf of Charlton, or Magic himself, tells his Spanish suitor to put up, or shut up? I hope it's the former.

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  1. According to the match report Magic did play at Dover so maybe he isn't leaving