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Monday, 25 April 2011

Charlton 3 Rochdale 1

That was as close as Charlton have come this season to a regulation, comfortable, and expected win. Oh to have played like that all season, but with the current squad, it was never going to be. With the injuries and suspensions taking their toll, there was really only one question in my mind about today's lineup; would it be the error prone Francis, or Solly at right back? As it turned out, we got the former, and the paucity of the opposition meant that his consistent frailties were never really in danger of being exposed. He (along with Doherty), played as well as most others, and should be congratulated for that.

The standout performers for me were three players who probably won't be with us next season. Eccleston, and Parrett both had passages of play that showed just how much better they are than third division level, and Stewart once again reminded everybody that he would be a more than useful addition to the squad. I am fairly certain however, that he will play elsewhere next season, whether at second division level in this country, or higher somewhere abroad.

Regardless of where the three of them end up next season, I wish them well, as I do Jenkinson. Why did people feel the need to boo him? Pantomime deviancy for daring to leave "little" Charlton for a big club? If I was his age, and an offer like that came my way, I know what I would do, and it wouldn't be stay at Charlton. A professional footballers life is unpredictable at best, and can be brutally short, so yes I wish him well in his venture, and no, I don't believe he will ever play for Arsenal in any meaningful match, but if it acts as a springboard for a career in the second tier, then good luck to him. But he could have had that at Charlton?, well possibly yes, but the jury is very much still out on that one at this stage. Arsenal as a route to it, is a lot more solid as career paths go right now.

As we know, Charlton were mathematically safe from relegation courtesy of the point picked up at Brizzle Rovers, despite the referee's attempts to determine otherwise, so today was meaningless in that regard. If players were looking to show that they were worth a place next season, then Racon did his bit to justify more than a passing thought. A well taken goal, and a generally good performance on the left side of midfield showed him as we know he can be, even though he only delivers it occasionally. It is widely rumoured that he has signed a pre-contract agreement to go elsewhere at the end of this season, but realistically he only ever produces in fits and starts, so on balance I don't believe he should be part of the Powell (r)evolution next season, but thanks for the performance today anyway.

Of those that barring an attractive bid from another club aside, will be with us next season, then both Benson, and in partcular Wright-Phillips did very well today. The latter played a clever match, setting up Racon for his goal, and almost doing the same for Eccleston. It showed a side to his game we had only fleetingly seen previously. He worked hard, and today he was provider rather than finisher. Benson too turned provider, setting up Eccleston for the third goal, and put in a performance of guts and tireless running, which at this stage is ok I guess, even when it doesn't come with guile and a strong enough all round game.

All in all, a very pleasant day, not ruined for once by ninety minutes of football. More of the same for the last game against Hartlepool please. At least leave a very long suffering support with some pleasant thoughts over the summer months. You owe us that at least!

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