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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Charlton 0 Huddersfield 1

This season, Charlton have more or less got out of a game exactly what they put in, win, lose, or draw. For the first time I felt that we didn't get that yesterday. We simply did not deserve to lose that game. This should have gone down as an entertaining 0-0 draw, by two average teams in this division. There was a better cohesion to Charlton's passing game yesterday, as well as no shortage of opportunity, but ultimately we were undone by a Gudjonsson strike.

If only the East Stand lino had made the decision not to flag Wright-Phillips offside, when both the Huddersfield goalie, and a defender were on the line, maybe our number ten would have scored. We will never know, but the chances would have to be rated as high. The other decision that looked dubious at the time was down to the ref, and I must admit that I thought it was harsh when the free kick that had thundered into Reid, and more importantly his hands was moved forward ten yards. It looked to me that the player was protecting his face, but Powell agreed with the referee that he had deliberately handled, so I will have to go with the manager, who pressumably has had the benefit of a playback of the incident.

Like many fans, I can't wait for this season to end. I Just hope that we don't finish below 14th, and beat our previous historic low, but if any team can, this one is it. On the balance of play yesterday, it would be a bit unfair, but I am now more interested in seeing what happens during the summer. To that end, please see the latest squad status below. I have Ketts to thank at Doctor Kish for the update on Jackson's contract, and we now know that Nouble and Sullivan will be with us on loan until the bitter end.

Contract End 2011


Contract End 2012


Contract End 2013


Contract Length Unknown



Bessone (May 2011)
Eccleston (May 2011)
Nouble (May 2011)
Parrett (May 2011)
Sullivan (May 2011)


  1. Looks like Worner is out of contract.

    "But obviously we've got Ross, whose contract is up for discussion as well, like many other players in the squad. What I'm trying to do in the future is look at all the different avenues and alternatives and make sure we make the right decisions on who comes in and who leaves."


    I believe Reid is as well, seem to remember something about his contract on the SLP website, and he possibly mentioned it on his own Twitter as well.

  2. Think we can complete the excellent 'contract expiry' section DD.

    Worner & Reid are both on one year deals mate.