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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Give Me Strength

So Benni McCarthy is set for a loan deal with Charlton?


I hope that as with everything else the Mail produces, this is just idle gossip, but I suspect it isn't. The need for a "large" target man is one thing, and there are sources suggesting that Powell was after such a creature, but does Piggybank spring to anyones mind here?

It could of course be part of a cunning plan, and that Sir Chris actually sees the way forward as converting him to a central defender. After all, why look for a mobile, fast centre back when McCarthy should certainly be able to cover most of the goalmouth just by standing still.

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  1. Indeed, the expression "parking the bus" springs to mind. McCarthy, the one-man-wall. If he failed to keep to his fitness regimes at WHU, why would we want him? We might not be Premier League but our training and fitness still needs to be first class.