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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Cashing In

With a fourth defeat in a row testing the mettle of even the staunchest Sir Chris fan, allow me to point you in the direction of a little contretemps that went on in Reading today. This story comes courtesy of the Daily Mail, and provides a mere diversion from the growing pain that is watching Charlton right now.

Back in January we were all wondering if wealthy property developer Kevin Cash was behind the takeover of the club. The buyout led to the instalment of Michael Slater as shareholder-chairman of the club, whose ultimate parent company is held in the British Virgin Islands where shareholdings are never disclosed. Now more evidence emerges of Slater's links to Cash. A former employee at a property belonging to the Cash family was at an employment tribunal in Reading today, where Slater also appeared. According to the Daily Mail, Slater denies he is acting on behalf of Cash, rather he says he is acting on behalf of a management company with which the wealthy 47-year-old has close connections.

Well, that makes everything much clearer doesn't it? I believe that the club has stated that Cash is not involved with Charlton, but with the club registered in the Virgin islands, the truth is, we may never know who is involved or not. Most fans probably don't even care, especially if investment is made in the one area of the club desperately in need of it right now - the team!

For those in need of respite from the current poor team performances the full article is here:-


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