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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Decision Making

Who is actually making the decisions about the first team squad at present? I ask because of all the loan activity that we are either involved in, or rumoured to be involved in. Eccleston joining from Liverpool, possibly to be followed by Lowry from Aston Villa, along with Abbott possibly going to Brizzle Rovers, seems to me to be quite a lot of loan activity for a club with no manager at the helm.

Maybe these changes were in train from Parkinson's tenure, but I am not convinced by that, and I don't believe Peacock is responsible either. Normally I would have expected little activity until the new man is in control, and can make his assessment and recommendations, but the new Board may understandably be feeling that time is of the essence, and I suspect that player policy currently sits square on Jimenez.shoulders.

It is potentially dangerous though, as it could make the post of manager less attractive if the squad is not capable of being changed in a way that a new manager may wish to change it. As each day passes, any new manager is going to have less opportunity to make changes in personnel, and depending on timing, may be faced with a squad largely fixed for the rest of the season. How attractive would that be to a candidate?, and could it potentially lose us someone with the quality we need?

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  1. I have voiced a similar concern on my Blog in the past, namely that it may have been factors like this that resulted in Billy Davies eventually turning down our job offer.
    Who knowws, this may already have been a factor with Howe, though prob. not. However, you are roight to point it out as it could be from hereon in!