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Sunday, 7 November 2010

Get Rid

News today that Peter Ridsdale has launched an £11m takeover for Charlton. It's in the News of the Screws for those who want to read it, and I for one hope that they have got the story right about Richard Murray's reticence about it. Ultimately it is now his decision as to whether to accept a bid or not fortunately, whether from Ridsdale, or a cited third party that is allegedly his preffered route.

The detail in the short piece suggests to me that there may be some credibility in it, but Ridsdale would not be my choice either. I worked for the same organisation as him some years ago, and Ridsdale is fairly typical of a sizeable number of senior retailers in that he has an ego the size of a small planet, albeit in his case, without the ability of a Stuart Rose. I watched him preside over Top Man, and it was quite apparent that what little talent he had was being sucked away by his love of the limelight that Leeds United gave him, and we all know what happened there.

He was perfect for Top Man in some respects, in that the brand was in those days a triumph of fading chav style and power over focussed content and future longevity. It couldn't last of course, and far more capable hands than his were responsible for the turnaround that happened in that division of The Burton Group as it was then. His stewardship of Leeds United was alarmingly similar, and extravagant promise comes at a cost as Leeds United fans are all too well aware.

His talent was all too present at Cardiff as well, and the report that only £3m of the reported £11m takeover is in liquid cash rings all too true for me. He tells a good story, paints pretty pictures, but there is little of substance about the man. For me, and if the report is true then Murray shares my concern, is the credibility of such a bid. Ridsdale has form in football alright, but it isn't good at all.


  1. DD, you're too right. I think the Seth Johnson transfer and everything surrounding it sums up Ridsdale. That tale is legendary and from that initial contract metting with his agent to the day he left cost Leeds United an awful lot of money.

  2. The whole story was put up as a diversionary tactic.

  3. whole sainsbury bid is rotten to core as he is useless front to experienced con men from cheshire
    conspirators are paul garland (convicted fraudster and leeds takeover 2004)
    david lever bankrupt ex mayor of knutsford
    bid based on fraudulent proof of funds and attempt to ruin club and sell ground off
    police should be called