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Sunday, 21 November 2010

Charlton 3 Yeovil 2

A promotion chasing team that still wins, even when it isn't playing well? Charlton certainly rode their luck today against a team in all sorts of trouble at the wrong end of the division. All I can say to Yeovil fans is that if your team continues to play like that, you have enough about you to avoid the drop. There are easily four teams worse than Yeovil in this division.

The fact that Charlton won this match, owes as much to good luck than anything else. Even before Jackson found the net with a scuffed finish from a peach of a cross from Martin, Yeovil could easily have been two up. It was obvious that they had been told to get in the faces of Charlton and test their resolve, and courtesy of an alarmingly creaky backline, it almost paid off.

I don't think I have seen the back four play as poorly collectively as they did today. Fry was probably the best of the quartet, but even he caused a collective sharp intake of breath on occasion. Doherty just seemed grateful to get something on it, and invariably leathered the ball back upfield straight to a Yeovil player, or on one occasion into his own net. I couldn't see whether Dailly elbowed the player to get sent off, but friends in the East stand were unanimous that although unintentional, he did indeed catch him with an elbow. This is bad news, as it means Dailly is now banned for the next four games, unless it is turned over on appeal, which I think is unlikely.

The worst performance though was that of Francis. Whilst I saw little to concern me in the first half, the second half was played out right in front of me, and quite frankly he was dreadful. In the space of ten minutes in the second half, he either got caught in possession, or leathered the ball to an opposing player in a dangerous position, or on one occasion decided to let the opposing player take the ball from near the bye line believing that it was going off for a goal kick. I don't know if Solly is close to returning, but Francis really does not merit his place on the basis of todays performance.

In between all this fragility at the back, Racon got the second from what was a fiercely driven cross from Fry, that our favourite Frenchman did extremely well to control. His turn was instant, and the shot into the inside of the far post was a joy to watch, the ball bending away from the keeper leaving him with no chance.

I also now know why we employ Sodje Jnr. In Toy Story, Buzz Lightyear comments that although he can't fly, he does do falling "with style". The same I believe can now be said of Sodje; more Buzz Lardarse than Lightyear admittedly, but fall with style he did, and Jackson dispensed the penalty in much the same way he did against Peterborough last week. He almost got a second as well.

Oh, and one other thing. If Breacker wants to do a repeat off the effing and blinding he decided to launch at a spectator directly behind the home dugout then fine, but expect a visit from the police next time. I have no idea what the guy said to spark the reaction that he treated us all to, but it took a panicking husband nearby to stop his wife reporting him straight away for swearing profusely in front of her children. I had never seen her before, and maybe she was persuaded to come by her other half, but whatever the reason, she did not appreciate the anglo-saxon language. I suggest he focus his "passion" towards the pitch next time.

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  1. DD, I constantly wonder what Breacker's role is...perhaps now we know......abuser in chief. I can't think there's any excuse for an outburst like that. Perhaps we in the East stand should be grateful that we don't get treated to his earthy rants.