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Friday, 9 July 2010

What's Left?

I would be interested to know from those in the vicinity of Sparrows Lane whether a certain Mr. K Youga has been seen training? Absent for the latter part of last season through injury, any mention of him suggested that all was not well with our erstwhile marauding left back. Coupled with that, the probable signing up of Basey to go alongside Jackson, and the probable playing of a left midfield triallist, ex of Sheffield Wednesday at our first pre-season friendly this Saturday, and I do wonder whether we have seen the last of Youga, I do hope not.

And speaking of things left, what of McLeod? I suspect that after the shenanigans he had with no fewer than three managers last season, our boy now has a reputation that is shall we say a little tarnished. If ever a player needed removing from the Charlton gene pool then I suspect he is it. Sadly, I fear we may not be able to get him away. Such a shame really, as he should be terrorising third division defences for us, and not listening to his i-Pod whilst counting the £8k a week he is widely believed to be "earning".

Contract End 2011

Sodje A

Contract End 2012

Jackson (Unknown length of contract)

First Pro Contract


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  1. Any evidence that McLeod can count up to 8000, or 8, or indeed any where beyond one, as in his namesake(Connor), or indeed the maximum number of goals he's ever scored for us in any game, would be welcome.

    I guess someone counts it for him.