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Friday, 12 February 2010

Money For Nothing

When Crystal Palace went into administration, a five year season ticket holder friend of mine had only one question when I met up with him for a beer. "Will I get any of my money back if the administration turns into liquidation?" The answer realistically is no, although he may get "lucky" and salvage a few pence in the pound. As with everything to do with professional football, the average fan will be a long way down the list of priorities when it comes to being a creditor.

On the same theme, I like this with regard to the five year deal from the official site. "Unfortunately, you cannot apply online for a VIP five-year ticket and you cannot pay by credit or debit card, because the card handlers are unwilling to take on legal liability for refunds over a five-year period". Too bloody right they are unwilling. If Charlton were to go into administration or liquidation, and fans who had shown this not inconsiderable level of commitment found themselves staring at a few pence in the pound offer, the queue of punters claiming the balance of their five year outlay would not be palatable for any self respecting card company.

The club seem to be indicating that you should sign up the paperwork, enclose your cheque, and then they will send you a contract. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't write a cheque for in excess of £2,000, and only then receive the t's and c's. I know the club are saying that the contract will be available to view online, but if that's the case why aren't the terms of that contract online now? I bet they don't say that I would be a preferential creditor if the worst were to happen.

I for one will not be taking the club up on this offer, nor indeed will I be renewing my two tickets early for next season either. If we get promoted, then fine I will pay the extra, but if I find my seats have been reallocated to somebody who paid by the end of March, regardless of whether we get promotion or not, I can tell you now, I won't be back at all.

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