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Monday, 19 October 2009

Charlton 2 Huddersfield 1

Well, we wanted a Plan B, and we got it. A week late admittedly, but very pleasing to see it nevertheless. Parkinson got this one just about spot on, so well done to him, and the players involved. I am not entirely convinced that we have the quality of personnel up front, to go 4-4-2 on a consistent basis, but this attempt was overdue, and reaped a deserved, if at times, fortunate reward. The most telling moment for me, was the substitution of Semedo for Spring. You could just see the trust and belief flow back into the team, knowing that our favourite Portugeezer was protecting the back four. Youga continued his immense form of late, and was my man of the match, by quite some distance.

So, what else? I am happy to put on record here and now, that I have no problem with a Sullivan led bid for the club. I had business dealings with the Golds', David, and his brother Ralph, many years ago, and always found them very straightforward to do business with, albeit it that most of the business was done through David's two daughters, Jacqui and Vanessa. If David Gold is involved, then I don't believe that Charlton would have better owners to follow in the mighty footsteps of Richard Murray. Just don't bring Karren Brady with you please.

P.S. - I should add at this time, I have always held a torch for Vanessa :-)

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