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Friday, 31 July 2009

Transfer Activity

After what seems like an eternity, well ok, I exaggerate, we have some transfer activity. Dailly and Randolph commit themselves to the cause - woo hoo. The grass, if indeed there ever was any, was obviously not greener for Randolph, and I believe Dailly will be a hugely influential signing, not just on the players generally, but in particular young Mambo No.5, who I believe will see some action this year, if not in the league, then hopefully in the cups.

With Gray, McLeod, Fleetwood, and Dickson, all firm possibles to leave, the true damage is yet to transpire, namely the loss of Shelvey, Bailey, and Racon. I still believe that the first two will go, but the new owners debate seems to have receded slightly. Whether it returns remains to be seen, but can we please stop all the whingeing about a lack of information. If the Board were able to say something, it would have been said, and it could really only be one of two things, 1) We have new owners, and here they are, or 2) We thought we were close, but it was not to be. The only reason the Board will have been quiet about this, is because of confidentiality provisions with any third party they were dealing with. Look on it as a case of no news, is good news. Nothing has been said yet, which tells me that discussions are still alive.

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