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Saturday, 25 July 2009

The Famous Five or the Secret Seven?

The call for "four or five more players" by Parkinson sounds about right. You see, the number he feels he needs is about to be dictated by those that will leave. This is information that he is party to, and we are not. So, who goes?

I have been increasingly concerned that neither Randolph or Fortune have put pen to paper on new deals that have been on the table for some time now. We hear that Fortune is being courted by Sheffield United, and I am sure Randolph too, must have some interest from elsewhere. The only offer Charlton could make either of them, is a promise of further money, should a purchase of the club go through. This of course assumes that the bidding parties sanctioned such a statement, which is possible, but, I personally feel unlikely. The reality is more likely to be a lot more prosaic. They have offers from the club, and want to see if they can do better elsewhere, and in the case of Fortune, it sounds like he, at least, might have.

Bailey being associated with Middlesboro for me is credible, and I have always believed he would be one of the players to go. Whilst he is under contract, Middlesboro would easily be able to meet the inflated figure Charlton might ask for. Shelvey to Ipswich is risible, but again, any fee likely to be asked for by the club will be chicken feed to an established Premiership club, which is where I still expect him to end up. Both of these players I expect to be actively on offer from the club, and with its sanction.

So, that is four. The fifth is likely to be Gray, which would be good for both the club, and the player, with Barnsley the oft quoted destination. So there you have the Famous Five, but with no takeover for the club now likely in the immediate future (famous last words - Ed), I am not convinced the damage ends there, as I would expect both Racon and Sam to be offloaded, in order to keep the sinking finances afloat a while longer. Bit part players like Eastwood, Dickson, and McLeod would also all be available for the right price, which let's face it would not be high. Can I throw another candidate into the mix as well? - Youga. His non appearance at the last two games is explained by an injury. Call me a cynical old Hector if you will, but let's face it, as supporters we have a lot to be cynical about these days.

Elsewhere, I am told that we were truly appalling in both the Forest Green game, and the second half of the Crawley game, so business as normal there then. With no money at his disposal, Parkinson has more than just his work cut out, a situation made all the more ironic when Norwich have just lashed out £450k for Grant Holt, who genuinely can do it at this level.

Whoever the potential buyers of the club are, now need to make a decision. Are you in this, or not? The fact that this deal is still alive at all, suggests that there is a level of good will between the parties, so could I ask that you decide one way or the other please? If they walk away, the ramifications will be enormous, and my Famous Five, or Secret Seven, could quite easily become a Dirty Dozen.

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  1. If your expectations are true and Bailey, Fortune, Shelvey, Randolph, Gray, Racon & Sam leave we will be div 4 and out of business before the end of the season.