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Saturday, 6 June 2009


At last some news!

The season ticket take up is poor. I know the club are bigging it up, and really, what choice do they have?, but the reality is that we have lost over 40% of the fan base, having lost nearly 20% the year before, albeit that number was offset by new season ticket holders. Although some more will sign up, it does look as though Target 10,000 may have to be resurrected

As for players going, the only one where the information I had was incorrect was "Toks" Yussuff. Had I known his contract was up this month, I would almost certainly have had him leaving, but as I believed he had a deal until next June, I figured he would be staying, as it is unlikely his salary would have been troubling the accountants in SE7.

A new contract for Fortune had already been reported, so comes as no surprise, and I suspect a testimonial may sway him into staying. A new contract for Zheng Zhi is possibly more of a surprise. Zheng is a good Championship player, but too lightweight for the Prem. If there is a sponsorship to help pay his wages, then great, but I still don't see him staying, and would expect him to transfer to a Championship club.

Matt Holland wanting to stay is perhaps no surprise, as his family are settled, and his wife has an equestrian business, which has been built up over the years, but is he really what Charlton need in third division football? We are currently still blessed with a large number of midfielders, and wlthough used as emergency cover at the back, a specialist in that area of the field would surely be preferrable for the same money? Randolph staying depends on whether he has the aptitude to knuckle down and try and oust Elliott, but I suspect ego may get in the way, so I would not be surprised if he did leave for the promise of number one choice goalie at another club.

The revised contractual status can be found here. More updates as they happen.


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