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Thursday, 25 June 2009

Getting Closer

We are now within a week of hearing news from The Valley. A few leaks here and there regarding specific players, as the agents start to turn the wheel with a little more vigour, was all that I was expecting to hear from the club, aside from the unfortunate spin around how "good" the season ticket renewals are. That Shelvey, Hudson, Racon, Bailey and Sam are all being cited for transfer,was entirely predictable, and with Gray added to that mix as the opening of the transfer window approaches, to me, indicates that progress is being made behind the scenes.

With regard to all the talk around Varney buying the club; this has always been fanciful in my view. My understanding is that he has been assisting the current board with presentations to various parties. All aimed at raising money, of course, but more powerpoint monkey than potential white knight stuff. This is not to demean his role, as it is crucial that the club, as "damaged" as it is, is put forward in the best light in order to attract investment. If there is new investment to be had, I am sure Varney will have played a key role in achieving it.

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