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Friday, 15 May 2009


The lull before the storm perhaps? With players contracts ending in June, I wasn't expecting a mad rush for the door, either in or out, but the day gets ever nearer, certainly for those exiting. So where will our departed go? The rumour mill has been steady in the background, with little of any concrete nature forthcoming.

Rumours about Sam going to Newcastle seem unlikely to be true, although as previously predicted, I do expect him to go, but to a Championship side, rather than a Premier one. Hudson and Bailey will also go to Championship sides, the former more definitely than the latter, who may well stay, unless the money offered is too good to turn down. Shelvey to be sold is a given in most quarters. Just a question of who will buy. Half the Prem seem to be in the frame. The transfer fee will help the board with its one year plan to get out of the third division. What I want to know is, what happens if we don't get out in one season?

No noises yet about the likely destination of those out of contract players, although I would like to see Fortune stay. Most will go, or in one or two cases reject reduced contracts. I have updated the status of the contracts position, as it now seems likely that Burton signed an 18 month deal, which means that it is highly likely he will be around next season. I have also removed the loan rangers, as they have now gone. Those in red, I believe, will no longer be with us come the start of next season. Bet I get loads wrong :-)

June 2009 - Arter, Ambrose, Dickson, Fortune, Holland, Todorov, Wagstaff, Weaver, Wright, Zhi, Randolph

June 2010 - Basey, Burton, Elliot, Sam, Sinclair, Solly, Spring, Yussuff

June 2011 - Bailey, Christensen, Fleetwood, Gray, Hudson, Moutaouakil, Racon, Semedo, Shelvey, Youga, McLeod

Unknown - Clark, Stavrinou, Tuna

PS - Parkinson? I hear the arguments for continuity and stability, but I still want him to go!


  1. Dickson has another year on his contract. I believe Aswad Thomas' expires this summer.

    Clark and Stavrinou have been offered pro contracts, so assume they'll be at a year, possibly 2 year deals.

  2. Wagstaff's also expires summer 2010.