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Sunday, 19 April 2009


.......or so the scoreboard told us, managed to score two unlikely goals, given their performance for most of the afternoon. I had been heartened by the solidity of the Charlton performance against Birmingham, and the 0-0 result had flattered them, and it was more of the same yesterday.

If I was a cynic, I could argue that the relative upturn in our fortunes in the last five games is as much down to players putting themselves in the shop window, as any skill by Parkinson at getting a group of misfiring individuals to behave like a team. As Colin W said after we beat Palace, if the players can put in a performance like that against Palace, then what the hell were they doing at the wrong end of the table?

If we accept that 10,000 season ticket holders will pay for Charlton in the third division, other than player salaries, and that £2m is the self imposed wage cap next season, then that money can only be found one way, and because of that, it will be goodbye to Shelvey, Racon, and Bailey. I would like to think that one might stay, but any semi sensible offer is not not likely to be turned down. If we manage to get £5m for the three, then the Board will have done well.


  1. Good spot on the Blackpoo. I spotted it too. The team lists don't inlcude the keepers either. Perhaps they can get rid of the poxy fish and get it right for next season.

  2. Deepest Darkest20 April 2009 at 14:35

    The fish on the screen shouldn't be necessary next season, as hopefully Tamer Tuna should see "Feeeeeeesshhh" being chanted for a much better reason :-)