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Sunday, 18 January 2009

Ever Decreasing Circles

"We need to make the players know in no uncertain terms that we are not going to accept that. I'll be trying to change this team round so I can get some stronger mentalities in.”

Phil Parkinson in the aftermath of the abject failure of the team to put in anything resembling a performance at Sheffield Wednesday.

I think it is now safe to assume that we will be relegated at the end of this season. It is difficult to know what else Parkinson can say to explain the inadequacies of the playing staff, but inadequate they certainly seem to be. Another merry go round of players leaving the club, with Weaver, Gray, Zhi, Shelvey, and Ambrose as obvious candidates to be exiting, but what will we replace them with? If we see any more one month loanees, then we will be perpetuating the cycle of failure, that has plagued us thus far. So, what to do?

My own view is that we should be looking at consistently playing the likely personnel that will still be with us in division three. For me, that means Elliot or Randolph in goal, which is already happening, with Weaver being sold, or released. Looking at the back line, the only one likely to be retained is Basey, although I still think Moutaouakil and Youga can do a job at the third level. Fortune, and Hudson will both go, so that is an area that needs addressing, probably in the summer.

Midfield will probably revolve around Spring, Bailey, Racon, Semedo, Sinclair, and hopefully Sam. I really hope Shelvey won't be sold, but believe it is inevitable. Zhi will also be sold, or released, as will Ambrose, and Holland will also be released. No obvious left side in that midfield, and that will need to be addressed, but those are the six to predominantly use.

Up front is interesting, as a strike force of Fleetwood, McLeod, and Dickson, actually sounds like it could do a job at the third level. Burton should be released; he isn't the future, indeed, he isn't even the present. Gray will be sold, and Todorov will be released.


  1. I doubt whether Sam would stay. Although he is annoyingly inconsistent, he is better than League 1.

  2. The bad news is that the Reserves were hammered 0-4 at Reading on Monday, so we'll need more than just our second string/youngsters to start winning next season.