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Sunday, 26 October 2008

Big Fish, Little Fish, Cardboard Box

When the team news came through, it looked as though, on paper at least, we were about to see a 5-3-2 formation. Pardew had promised change, beyond mere tinkering, and in that regard we got it. First outing of the season for Izale Mcleod, and a first start for Josh Wright, gave us all something to think about, and no doubt had Owen Coyle wondering what was about to be unleashed on his Burnley high fliers.

In a tepid, and confused first half performance, he needn't have worried. The 5-3-2, was actually more 4-4-2, with the unnatural presence of Crainie as acting left back, and Basey, playing more in left midfield. It was, as one friend described it, on hearing the team news, a "Hail Mary" team selection, and I understood his point. Pardew was probably damned if he didn't do something startling, and the team had lost, so why not put out a team that was, shall we say, left field. Had we lost, he would still have been damned, but at least he had tried something different to try and end our malaise.

Teams in this division have long since realised, that Charlton can be hustled out of a game very easily, just by close attention, and not allowing the player to settle on the ball. It was very effective for Burnley in the first half yesterday, with numerous Charlton players caught in possession, and consequently losing the ball in dangerous places. And then came half time, and as he trooped off, one forgetful individual behind me shouted at Pardew, "Oi - Curbs, sort it 'aht". The introduction of Todorov and Sam, for Primus, and the ineffective Mcleod, was his response. The change was to have a startling effect on the game, as Sam tormented Burnley's left hand side, and Todorov started to link play through him in the middle. A very different performance indeed.

This for me is the problem I am having with the manager at present. You get a second half performance like that, and there have been other glimpses during the season of what the team can do, but all of the good stuff seems to be forgotten when next they play. Consistency comes down to many things, but that is what Pardew seems incapable of inducing into the team right now. Ipswich on Tuesday will be a very different proposition, and I really can't see us coming away with anything, even though we did beat them at The Valley. If that does turn out to be a zero point game for us, then yes, we have a relegation game at The Valley next Saturday, and no, we simply cannot afford to lose that one, and maybe Pardew can't either.

Oh, and as for the title to this piece? One of the more amusing incidents of the day, was being introduced to a new dance. Called "Let's All Do The Pardew" You stand there with your arms folded, and tilt to the left, and then to the right in time to, and tune of "Let's All Do The Conga". Under other circumstances, it could be an affectionate song, but it certainly wasn't born to be that.

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