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Sunday, 28 September 2008

Third Time Unlucky

Having had more than our fair share of luck at both Doncaster and Nottingham Forest, this game proved a step too far for not so Super Alan Pardew's men, as they went down 2-1 to a poor Sheffield Wednesday team. There has been much (rightful) derision at Pardew's theorising about the joys of a defence that can all speak the same language, so on that basis, can he explain to us why the vast majority of that defence, and for that matter, the midfield as well, who as far as I am aware, speak English, weren't in fact speaking the same language as each other at all, for five mad minutes yesterday afternoon?

Let's get real here. For the most part, footballers are not the sharpest knives in the cutlery drawer, and the average vocabulary, swear words aside, that are used during a game, probably struggles to get past a dozen. Would that really be an insurmountable feat for Semedo or Mouatakil to manage? I would suggest that concentration is probably more important than linguistic ability, as Charlton dominated this game completely, aside from the first five minutes of the second half, and disastrously, as it turned out, the last five minutes of the first

Although a vocal minority at present, there is definitely a ground swell building against Pardew amongst Charlton fans, and unless he can get his team playing consistently, it will get much louder, very quickly. A trip to Selhurst Park on Tuesday, needs no further hype than its announcement for Charlton fans, and I would suggest that a win is actually more relevant to Pardew's chances of job survival, rather than furthering any thought that he might be using the job as a stepping stone, which quite frankly I find laughable at present,

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