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Friday, 5 September 2008

A Case For The Defence

Anybody who can put the words "Denis Wise" and " "Executive Director" in the same sentence really deserves an award of some description. Not entirely sure whether it should be for comedy, or misrepresentation though. With King Kev disposed off, perhaps wee Denis will take his place at the FA disciplinary hearing for Joey Barton? A man of Denis's moral fortitude should be just the ticket really, and lest we forget, he does have some "previous" experience, due to a training ground bust up of his own with Callum Davenport over a game of cards whilst at Leicester City. Oh, and isn't there a London taxi driver out there, who might also have an opinion? What are we to make of a man who Ken Bates once described as being like a son to him? The questions just keep coming don't they?

And yet, it would appear that Mike Ashley has sided with the wee man against the Geordies favourite son. I suspect that there is a whole lot more to this story, which will start to emerge over the next two days, culminating in a News of the World exclusive this coming Sunday. All of which, as pantomime deviancy goes, makes Charlton look like a model of sense in a mad world.

Now the possibly contentious bit. I actually agree with the hierarchy of a first team coach, and a football director. There, I've said it. I just don't believe that English football has garnered enough experience to make it work properly yet. In Europe, the concept is a whole lot more familiar, and has operated successfully for a number of years, and with the ever increasing pressure in the Prem these days, I do not believe that one man can perform the roles of coach, scout, PR, HR, commercial, media monkey, chief bottle washer etc etc in there entirety. They are in danger of becoming a jack of all trades, and crucially, a master of none.

Now I don't know if Curbs and Kev were told that their respective clubs were their oysters in terms of control, but both are in danger of being seen as dinosaurs in a game that is rapidly changing, and regardless of whether you agree with it or not, it will continue to change at an ever increasing pace, until the whole damn thing explodes in a failed TV contract, or a few very rich men getting bored with their toys.

The main failure for me in the football director role, is not the role itself, although it does need to be refined and more clearly understood, by owners, clubs, and fans, not to mention the manager! For me, the biggest failing is in the quality of the individuals who are being given the positions in the first place. I am not entirely blaming them, as an owner employed them in the first place, but in the same way that the cream of managers rises to the top, so, I believe, it will be with the abilities of those who would be football directors.

Until then, we have Denis Wise.

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