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Thursday, 7 August 2008

Once More Unto The Breach

Well, almost time once more, for the Saturday ritual to begin. It will be good to see old friends in the Rose of Denmark again, and I do get a buzz from seeing The Valley turf in pristine condition, ready for another season of toil. Eldest son will be in attendance, who despite the last two seasons, has a startlingly good record of watching Charlton avoid defeat at home. I am hoping that the Roon will continue his fine home game watching record against the mighty Swans.

Too late now for new signings to have much bearing on Saturday, (famous last words). It would be unrealistic to expect anyone signed today or tomorrow to have anything more than a cameo role from the bench. To do otherwise, would be too dangerous, in terms of overall team understanding, so the starting eleven is probably fairly easy to predict.

I occasionally wonder whether the players or management understand how a good or bad result makes, or messes up the rest of the weekend for us fans. Win this one, and I will seek press coverage of the game, and read it avidly. In a mood of largesse, I will take the DD family out for lunch. Spanish tapas, or Italian being most likely. Lose, and I will probably have to cut the grass.

Good luck to Alan Pardew, the squad, and all of us - Come on you Addicks!!

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  1. Reading Nelse's books, it's obvious that some players feel it as much as we do. But I think their personal performance comes higher on the agenda - if they've played well and the team lose, they aren't as bothered.

    We don't get that consolation do we?

    Come on you reds!

    Pembury Addick