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Friday, 1 August 2008

Now What?

The club is to be congratulated on realising the best price possible for Madjid Bougherra, but as has been reported elsewhere, we are still in the hole financially, and one more, (I suspect Zheng Zhi), will also need to be sold before the transfer window closes.

In a previous post, I wondered whether the relationship between Alan Pardew and the board, was at best strained, and his radio interview seems to suggest to me, that all is indeed not well in the kingdom of Charlton. It will be interesting to see what the action of the board is likely to be, if say, after ten games we are struggling, or our manager remains unhappy at the lack of a transfer pot before the season started. Much will depend on what sort of contract Pardew has, as Charlton are in no position to pay off one manager, and potentially bring another one in. If that were to happen, I suspect the only financially realistic choice would be Parkinson, or possibly even Kinsella. It is of course possible that if Pardew is seriously hacked off, then he may leave for another club, which would at least be financially beneficial to Charlton.

The official site is quoting Pardew as looking for two backs, and a midfielder. Hopefully Crainie will be one of the backs, but with four weeks to go until the window closes, fingers crossed for the others. One loan, and a purchase maybe?

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  1. I would expect that our aims are not necessarily promotion, but mid table stability. As such Pards job should be safe.

    It's clear to me that the only way Pards will leave is if another club comes in for him. For that to happen we need to do well.

    I like Pards but I also think Parkinson and Kinsella could both do a decent job. In fact unlike the playing staff, we have an abundance of talented managers.