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Friday, 27 June 2008

This Is No Way To Run A Railway

Until two days ago, I had never used the DLR, and after my one experience, I doubt I ever will again. If it is supposed to be a shining example of integrated transport policy, then the 2012 Olympics are going to have big issues.

My journey didn't start well, when the ticket office at Morden underground station told me I needed to go to Crossharbour for the Excel. Now, as those of you that use the DLR frequently will no doubt know, Crossharbour is not the station for Excel, it is Custom House, which I eventually worked out, when I got to Crossharbour. I will spare you the gory details, but to me, the DLR resembled a kiddies Brio railway, put together by a child in a strop, rather than the transport lifeblood of an area being regenerated.

I was also unimpressed at how slowly the area around the DLR appears to be developing. Given how long the DLR has been in operation, I was expecting, perhaps unreasonably, a lot more. I know many Charlton fans use the Jubilee and DLR to get to home games, and frequently complain about its vagaries. After my experience on Wednesday, all I can say is you have my sympathy.

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  1. I don't use it now, but used to use it regularly to get to Stratford and I never had any issues. But it could have gone down the pan since then though, that was a few years ago!