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Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Buddy - Can you spare a dime?

I thought this story had long since gone, and it may just be a slow news day down in in the Garden of England, that has caused the Kent Messenger to rehash this, but it would appear that Charlton have been denying speculation that they have been involved (again?) in takeover talks with American billionaire Philip Anschutz.

Given that he owns both David Beckham’s football academy and the nearby O2 Arena in Greenwich, interest in us wouldn't require too much of a leap in the imagination, but I have a feeling that this "interest" is largely a media created phenomenon. It has though, resulted in the statutory dismissal by Steve Waggott who is reported as stating that “there is absolutely no truth in this story,” and. “I really don’t know where these stories come from. Neither do I Steve, neither do I, but I for one would welcome a substantial investment in the club, albeit I would share the nervousness of many, that whoever became the new owner, would retain the ethos and values that make up the core of Charlton Athletic.

Unfortunately, I don't see a takeover happening, in the style of a Manchester United, Aston Villa, or heaven forbid, Liverpool, as our location, support base, and current status just don't lend themselves as strong enough reasons to plough money into a club that is unlikely to make a sufficient return on that investment. I can understand the logic behind investing in a single club city, such as Norwich, for example, but down here, in our part of the world, there are just too many other distractions for peoples entertainment and footballing pound.

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