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Monday, 3 January 2011

Charlton 2 Swindon 4

Swindon played well, and there is no doubt that the three points rightly belong to them, but they really weren't that good. I suspect they couldn't believe just how poor Charlton were this evening.

Normally after a bad day at Charlton, I leave it until the following morning before posting a match report. The reasoning goes that I will have a better sense of perspective on the game once I have had a chance to sleep on it. I don't even feel anger at the pile of rubbish that was served up tonight, just an overwhelming sense of despair at this abject capitulation.

Chanting "Parky out" is understandable but the blame lies with all of the players as well as the coaching staff. Just what formation were we meant to be playing at the start? 4-3-3?, or 4-5-1? If it was the former, then the players obviously did not know what they were meant to be doing. To call the formation fluid suggests some sort of cohesive plan, but there was no such thing in this game from a Charlton perspective. Oh and it didn't get any better when we went to 4-4-2 after the break.

Defensively we were beyond poor. Jackson was wasted at left back, and I assume he was there as punishment for Fry's performance at Colchester. I assume the same was true for Fortune replacing Doherty.
Defenders ball watching caused two of the goals, but although the weakest of the team units, they were not alone in producing this abject display. I don't believe I have ever seen such a woeful passing display from the team as a whole as I saw today. Not just one or two players either; they were all at it.

The meeting between Parkinson and Slater should be an uncomfortable one, and if not, it bloody well ought to be. In terms of improving this team, where on earth would you start after tonight's performance? Fortunately we all know they can play a lot better than this, but what a dreadful way to end the holiday.

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