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Sunday, 3 March 2013

Charlton 0 Burnley 1

When the team with the second poorest run of form meets the team with the poorest run of form, you know that the fare offered isn't going to be pretty or clever, and both Burnley and Charlton did nothing to dispel the theory. Only Charlie Austin forgot the script, and that was only on the one occasion, with the resulting goal being probably the only thing of any class to come out of a performance that did not flatter either team.

He may only have a limited deck when it comes to quality, but Chris Powell certainly tried to mix it up  yesterday, with no fewer than five changes from the team that had capitulated against Nottingham Forest a week earlier. It made no difference, but at least he tried. Whilst honest endeavour was undoubtedly present, any quality was noticeably absent. Going for aerial bombardment towards the latter part of the game smacked of desperation, and a complete lack of faith in the pudding that is our pitch. It is even more galling when you consider that there was nobody up front whose natural game is to receive a hoofed ball. The whole thing was profoundly depressing to watch.

There was a young German lad sat near me yesterday, and he seemed genuinely shocked that Charlton were even allowed to play on a pitch in that state. It would never be allowed in Germany he said. Most Charlton fans probably wish it wasn't allowed in the UK either. Thankfully the next two games are away from home, and both are winnable. Charlton really need to get something from both, because whilst it is unthinkable that we could be relegated, our current form suggests that we just might. Not to worry though, as we are one game away from entering the last ten games of the season, and we all know how good we are at those historically. Sorry to sound so negative, but I am really struggling to see anything that was positive about yesterday's performance.

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