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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Charlton 1 Sheffield Wednesday 2

Is it possible to dominate something unconvincingly? After yesterday's performance I would have to say yes. Sheffield Wednesday were in the main a poor side, with only Reda Johnson, and latterly Lita causing trouble to the Addicks backline. So how did we contrive to lose a game that should really have been sewn up long before the final six minutes and the two goals for Sheffield that turned the whole match on it's head?

Much of the comment after the game was critical of Powell for not changing things sooner. In his defence the manager would argue that at 1-0 up with five minutes to go, why change something that wasn't broke? The reality was that a tiring Charlton side needed a managers response to the ongoing threat of Johnson, and then the fresh legs of Modine, and especially Lita being brought on. With Lita it isn't exactly a case of misjudging the impact of an unknown quantity is it?

The impact of those fresh legs was obvious throughout much of the last half an hour, so there was plenty of time to respond. For me, a very tired looking Pritchard should have been replaced by the more physical presence of Dervitte, to provide some speed and protection from the raiding Johnson, as well as the rapid movement of Lita. As much as we love Morrison and Taylor, they are not fast, and Jones the Sheffield manager knew it. I would also have replaced Kermorgant with Fuller as our favourite Breton spent most of the game being impotently angry, and I suspect Fuller would have given the giant blue backline something different to think about, as would Harriott for a visibly tiring and increasingly ineffective Wilson.

So, a game we did not deserve to lose, (or win if truth be told), but for me it is another reminder that we shouldn't expect Powell to get it right every time. Yesterday's defeat was largely down to him rather than the players, who generally did well throughout a  tough physical encounter.

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