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Monday, 1 August 2011

Two More In With One About To Go

So Stabilo Boss joins us on a three year deal. For those of you who were unfortunate enough to see the game against Exeter at The Valley last season, you will no doubt understand why I call our new goalkeeper that, but for those of you who may have quite reasonably forgotten the experience of being beaten 3-1 by them, Hamer stood out like a marker pen, wearing a fluorescent green top in one half, and an equally bright pink version in the other half.

With Elliot being touted as moving to Newcastle earlier in the summer, this signing can come as no surprise. I think it is more likely to be West Ham rather than Newcastle that will be the recipients of his signature though. Apparently he was watched by West Ham at the Den Bosch game, so in the interests of maximising our return, let's hope the same scouts weren't at the Millwall game where by all accounts Elliot was at fault for one if not two of the goals conceded.

I suspect the reason for the move is purely down to the terms of the deal extension Charlton were willing to give him, as I am pretty sure other clubs were notified of his availability at the start of the close season. The fact that he is still with us tells me that there wasn't a huge queue for his services. Having said that, I suspect his departure will be within hours, or at most a couple of days given the speed that the club has moved to sign a replacement.

As for the signing of Hughes, this is one for the short term, given that he is already 33 years old, even though he has been signed for two years, which no doubt was the last big payday carrot that enticed him to us in the first place. At best he is a utility player, experienced at both left and right back positions, but also comfortable in midfield. He is naturally left footed, and I can't say that I am wildly enthused by him. My concerns about Solly remain, and I am not sure whether Hughes will be seen as the first choice right back. Time will tell.

I still believe that one new centre back is required, and one big lump up front also. Schlupp of Leicester is one name in the frame for the latter position, and how about Howard from the same club as an alternative name in the same frame?

Contract End - Dec 2011

(25) Davisson

Contract End - June 2012

(23) Alonso
(14) Benson
(12) Doherty
(44) Elliot
(19) Francis
(15) Mambo
(18) Pritchard
(11) Wagstaff
(10) Wright-Phillips

Contract End - June 2013

(3) Evina
(32) Harriott
(2) Hughes
(33) Osborne
(30) Pope
(20) Solly
(13) Sullivan
(6) Taylor

Contract End - June 2014

(7) Green
(1) Hamer
(9) Hayes
(22) Hollands
(4) Jackson
(5) Morrison
(8) Stephens
(16) Wiggins

First Professional Contract

(31) Cousins
(29) Gough
(21) Bover-Izquierdo
(26) Popo
(27) Warren



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