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Monday, 31 January 2011


Having worked in Leeds for some years, I contacted a couple of Leeds season ticket holder friends there to ask their opinion on Bessone, partly out of interest, but also to see if the negativity towards him that I am seeing everywhere else was reflected by people I know and trust. This was the comment I got back from one of them, which was in essence mirrored by my other friend.

"He was shocking but has not played in the 1st X1 since September when we were beaten 5-2 at Barnsley. Basically he could not defend, and was poor when attacking; just what you need for a full back! Hope you can improve him".

Hope indeed. On this one I shall bow to Powell's superior knowledge of who is and isn't a good left back. After all, if he doesn't know one when he sees one, then who does?


  1. Well I thought he looked pretty good last night, though it was his debut! Certainly a better full-back than Francis will ever be

  2. On last night's performance he is the best full back we have: though perhaps Sir Chris could challenge him for 45 minutes ? We need to see him in a couple of difficult away game, but I'm feeling optomistic.