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Friday, 31 December 2010

The End Of An Era

So that's that then! I must confess to a tinge of sadness in all this; not because of what Slater and Jimenez may or may not do with the club, as time will very soon tell on that score, but with control passing from Richard Murray, the man who presided over the best of Charlton's recent history, we really have reached a watershed in the development of the club. Richard Murray, from a financial perspective at least, must be a very relieved man right now, but rest assured Richard, the phenomenal contribution you have made to the history of Charlton Athletic will never ever be forgotten.

The takeover detail is obviously lacking right now, but I dare say, more detail will come out over the next few days and weeks. As Glynne Jones, the erstwhile CAFC listmeister succinctly tweeted, we need more information on how the takeover was financed, i.e. where has the money come from?, and what debt does the new company carry as a result of the takeover? Most importantly for Charlton fans, is what are the plans for the next six months?

As you would expect from a lawyer, Slater's answers regarding the takeover have been smooth and non-contentious; he even laid to rest the ghost of any Dennis Wise involvement in the deal. It is also good to see a sensible transition in place regarding the new look Board, with Murray, Varney, and Kavanagh all involved. I wouldn't expect it to stay that way beyond the end of the season, but a potentially sensitive immediate issue handled well nevertheless.

I wish Slater and Jimenez well in their stewardship of our club. They will be only too acutely aware that Charlton fans will be watching their every move, and that their every answer to every question will be analysed to within an inch of its life. If they are even half as good for the club as Richard Murray has been, then our future is in safe hands. I trust that it will be so. I wish them, Richard, and all of you a very very happy, peaceful, and prosperous New Year for 2011. COYR!

P.S. - Many thanks to Big Dave Lockwood, Glynne Jones, and Chicago Addick who have all been very helpful as I have taken my first few hesitant steps on the dark side, err I mean in the wonderful world that is Twitter. See you there @Bruce_Monty

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