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Monday, 9 August 2010

A Sad Day

Today I saw the best and worst of football from SE7.

The best was the sensitive and sincere reaction of the club to the tenth anniversary of Pierre Bolangi's death in a lake in Aldershot. It seemed like yesterday that the army were trying to protect one of their own in an act of moral bankruptcy, just down the road from Deepcut in case you don't know the area.

Fortunately a court saw through the lie in short order.

I wonder what most people make of Messrs Dickson, Sinclair, and Basey reporting Charlton to the PFA for the alleged non-payment of a one month salary severance payment? Whether they are entitled to it or not is not really the point is it? The timing of this story is at best poor, and quite frankly reflects badly on a profession that could teach the army a trick or two regarding moral bankruptcy.


  1. I was surprised about the severance story. Probably sour grapes at not being offered contracts but ill timed nevertheless as well as snidely dropped to the press.

    RIP Pierre.

  2. Seems a bit harsh, what do you expect? None of the players involved are millionaires. I certainly wouldn't put these three in the bracket of 'morally bankrupt'. What would you do if your former employer failed to pay you after being laid off?

  3. When you say "the profession" who are you referring to?

    If the suggestion is that these players are greedy then you are being slightly unfair I feel. I know for a fact that Grant Basey still lives at home with his parents, and is on relatively low wages. His employers have decided to terminate his contract (forcing him to move to Aberdeen of all places), and if the terms dictate that he is owed a months pay then he is perfectly within his rights to complain. I'd guess that Dickson and Sinclair were on similar wages.

    If you are referring to the embarrassingly poor financial health of football as a profession then I am inclined to agree. It is worrying that the club probably simply can't afford to pay these severance packages (although not surprising).

  4. In answer to Anonymous and DaveCAFC, the point I was trying to make was that the football profession was itself capable of behaving in a morally bankrupt manner rather than the three individuals named. I do think the timing of this story is at best unfortunate though.

  5. If we cannot afford to pay, what is reported to be, a month's wages to 3 players, then we really are in the "brown stuff"!

    On the termination point. I cannot remember whether all or some of these players were early terminated or whether the contracts came to an end naturally.

    On the early termination, then the club should have clearly stated in the termination documentation that the final payment made was in "full and final settlement of all monies due". If they have not then that's just stupid.

    On the natural end of contract then again this will simply be determined by the contract and there should be no doubt about the club's liability.

    Maybe the truth is not out there, yet?