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Saturday, 8 May 2010

Lucky 13

Between 16:09 and 16:22 this afternoon Charlton were on their way back to the second division. It was never going to last of course, and Millwall taking the lead against Swindon, and Leeds going down to ten men, drawing level, and then beating Brizzle Rovers put paid to what was at best an unlikely set of circumstances that would have seen us promoted automatically, rather than face the uncertainty of the playoffs.

On balance Leeds deserved their passage back up the leagues, certainly more than Charlton would have done. To think we lost out by one win in the end. How many games this season have we seen where that should have been the result, but for a variety of reasons wasn't? That's all in the past now of course, and it's onwards to the playoffs, or rather it would be if the club website wasn't misbehaving itself yet again, while I was attempting to check for ticket details. Ah - we are indeed truly third division!

Unfortunately I cannot make games during the week, so I shall be watching the home leg at a pub in Northants. The away leg would have been tempting, but I suspect I don't qualify. I can but try though!

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