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Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Striker Light

OK. Let's assume for now that McLeod will be loaned out to Hearts, Dickson will be loaned out to whoever, and Fleetwood stays at Exeter. Let us also assume that Mooney is now sufficiently crocked that his loan will not even warrant an attempt at an extension. Add to the mix, Holden being released as not being the answer to our left wing prayers, and what have we got? Akpo Sodje, who may or may not go back to the blue side of Sheffield.

The left side will be filled by McKenzie. He played in that position for Coventry, whenever he was fit enough to take to the pitch that is, so we still have a weak left hand side. In attack, other than the mighty, and ageing Burton, we realistically have nothing if Sodje Jr. returns to the steel city . So, what to do? Deep breath here. Michael Mifsud. I believe he is without a club presently, and he is a striker with a proven record, and I think? he is left footed, so could also fill in on the left hand berth. Young Wagstaff will have a lot to prove on the right if Sam does get sold though. Another deep breath, and an assumption that Notts County are about to implode. Lee Hughes.

Both these players have very publicly revealed flaws, and as a management challenge, we would really find out whether Parkinson is the man for the job. Mifsud particularly has a past that is at best kept hidden, (unless somebody can tell me otherwise?), but in the same way that I knew Norwich had got it right when they employed Hoolihan and Holt, and they do not have the chequered history of the two I am citing here, I genuinely believe that Mifsud and Hughes would give us the mid season impetus to make it back to the Championship. Given the mid term financial results, it has to be a gamble worth taking. The consequnces of Charlton not getting promoted are Chesterian at best.

One last throw of the dice ladies and gentlemen, and as ever, I am happy to be proved wrong!


  1. Oh no, not the Mosquito with his Sky Blue connections. I know a bit about him from talking to Chaventry fans. He can be brilliant now and then, but most of the time he is very ordinary. I also doubt that Notts County are going to implode.

  2. Eastwood? He's another Cov player...you mean Fleetwood! Mifsud and Hughes are not the answer, nor are Chris Dickson and Izale McLeod. Expect the unexpected, and a surprise signing...!

  3. Ah - good spot Pedro, and I have now corrected it.