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Sunday, 8 November 2009

Northwich Victoria 1 Charlton 0

I am not going to lay into the team for this one, but only because, as I have posted previously, I cared little for the FA Cup this year. Judging by the performance today, neither did the players. After such an inadequate, and disinterested display, I would find it difficult to believe that any of the players, or the manager will be really down about this, so everything is ok then - yes?

Well no actually. Our relegation, (because that is what it is) form continues, and Northwich could easily have won this 4-0, and would have done, had it not been for the heroics of Dailly, and especially Randolph. Having said that, the latter can be faulted for the Northwich winner, where he really should have been the first player to get to the hopeful ball over the top, that turned out to be the catalyst for the winning goal.

"You're just a small town in Welling" was the chant, and do you know what? I fancy Welling could have done better than Charlton did today. In a weeks time, this will be chip paper, and I will be in Venice. Let's see if Parkinson can earn his money in the clash against Franchise FC, but on both todays, and other recent showings, I have my doubts that he will.

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