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Sunday, 15 February 2009

Keep It Simple

One of the benefits of sitting six rows behind the home dugout, is that you get to hear every pearl of footballing genius as it is being uttered. So what jewels did Parkinson impart yesterday? Well, to be honest, not very much. If he shouted "Soaresy" once, he shouted it a hundred times during the game. He wasn't being angrily critical of the Stoke loanee, but he did see, in his own mind, at least, the conduit through which, he believed most change would be wrung from a poor Plymouth defence.

He may well have been right, as the 2-0 scoreline does not flatter us at all. It could easily have been four or five. Indeed, it would have been, but for Larrieu in the Plymouth goal. Similarly, the Pilgrims could very easily have got two goals of their own as well. The second opportunity would have been particularly painful had it been converted by Fallon, after one of the most horrendous back passes, courtesy of Kandol, that it has ever been my misfortune to witnerss.

But, let's not detract from a good team performance, and that is the key to yesterdays success, as this was the nearest I have seen to a team performance for some months now. If "Soaresy" is as influential as Parkinson certainly believed yesterday, then I hope his wish to extend the loan for a second month comes off for him.

The other pearl of wisdom to be uttered from the dugout several times yesterday, was for me, far more relevant, and that was "Keep it simple". He refrained from adding the word "stupid" on the end, but this was a "KISS" that was very appropriate for St. Valentines day, and the team deserve the plaudits for doing just that.

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