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Saturday, 3 January 2009

It's Official

Phew! - we made it. Now without question, the worst performing team in Charlton's history, after seventeen games without a win. Having had the high of Wembley, I can now say I have seen the other side of the coin. Now can we all stop messing about, and go back to playing football please?

As regular readers may remember, I didn't go to this one. I really could not care less for the FA Cup at present, and yes, I know it brings in revenue, (not much given the sub 13,000 crowd figure reported), and yes, I know that a win may have had some positive impact on team morale, (difficult to see that, given the result), and ooh, we get to do it all again, and no, I won't be going to that one either.

Meanwhile Nottingham Forest, inspired by having a new manager on board, were tonking the blue side of Manchester. The very bounce that the Board must have hoped Parkinson would enjoy, was being lapped up at the Mancs stadium this afternoon. I bet Billy Davies side can't wait to get to The Valley next weekend, and yes, I will be at that one. It is beyond important.


  1. I think the 17 games without a win still only equals the run without a win from the 1950s doesn't it (as that run also included a cup defeat not included in the stat of 16 league games without a win!)

    Now...failure to beat Forest in what is now the most important game of the season next week really would make it the worst-ever Charlton side!

  2. Interesting point Anonymous. All I know for sure is that we haven't been in the third tier of English football since the 1980/81 season.