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Monday, 22 December 2008

It's Captain Clean Shorts Fault

A post or three ago, I mentioned that one of my Coventry City supporting friends borrowed my season ticket, and went to see the latest home outing of the abject horror show that is the current season. His verdict on our plight was interesting, as he couldn't place a finger on an obvious weakness in the team, as they were all bloody awful. His overriding impression was that we were panicking, and this manifested itself by trying to play the ball around at 400mph.

By his own admission, Coventry are a "fragile" team, and yet our high octane, zero result style of play at present, meant that they didn't even have to press us. All they did was wait until one ambitious rocket pass went wrong, which was inevitable, collect the resulting free ball and hoof it forward to let the runners torment our beleagured defence. So why, in his opinion, should Matt Holland get singled out for opprobrium? The reason is that, according to my friend, he is the senior pro, and should have put his foot firmly on the ball, tell everyone to calm down, slow down, and make the simple pass.

Common sense stuff really, but we have continued to play pinball football against similarly weak teams to ourselves, and the result is our parlous league position now. The frustrating thing for me is that I could see this happening, even before the essential three games, for me anyway, against Southampton, Blackpool, and Coventry were played.

The result is that we have now gone fourteen games without a win, and if we can keep it up for another two, we will apparently equal our worst ever run of games without a win in our history, which I am told currently stands at sixteen, from some time back in the Fifties.

Merry Christmas, and (hopefully) a happier New Year to you all.

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