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Friday, 3 October 2008

Gone Shopping

I have long held the belief that the club use the News Shopper as an unofficial communications tool. You know, a means to an end, when official channels of communication are perhaps not really a sensible option. That is why I find the "Fans criticism is fair" piece in the latest edition interesting. Whilst I do not believe for one second that Pardew, or indeed many other people at Charlton read the blogs and the fan sites, (although I am told that at least one director does), I also believe that someone within the club has been looking, and reporting back to the powers that be, that all is not well in the kingdom of Denmark (Rose Of), and other assorted hostelries.

"And the frustration with Pardew's managerial reign among the Charlton faithful came to the boil on several fan websites after Tuesday's 1-0 derby defeat at Selhurst Park"

I for one am pleased that the piece was engineered by the club, as it is for once, a sensible acknowledgement that there is unrest amongst the natives. What is said, is actually less relevant than the overall tone of it, which is at least conciliatory, rather than pumped full of cliche. Still pushing for the play offs was an inevitable statement, but note that we are now talking play offs rather than automatic promotion! Still, that is at least a step in a more believable direction - reality wasn't built in a day

"Unfortunately as much as I can talk today, it really does mean nothing" - Alan Pardew

That's right, it doesn't mean anything right now, but that is largely because you debased the currency in the first place Alan. Now get the boys out there, and play for your lives, and as for us supporters, we need to do the same.

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