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Saturday, 31 May 2008

I Genuinely Don't Get It

Take another non-league striker into the "fourth best supported league in the world"? (pat pending). Now, gentle reader, there are many out there that know more than I, when it comes to this game we call football, but I must admit I am not entirely sure I understand this level of speculate to accumulate thinking on behalf of "Chullun".

It would of course be perfectly reasonable to point out at this juncture, that young Mr Dixon was one of the few vaguely exciting things to come out of last season, albeit briefly, and who is to say that MacFleetwood won't be another, but I am not sure that yet another unproven striker is going to help us here. We also have Izale, remember, who apart from winning penalties (very useful), has done little else to set the world alight.

Should we be spending our guineas on somebody who might come good, or saving them for somebody who is more likely to cut the proverbial mustard at this level? Let's not kid ourselves here, if we don't get promoted to the Prem next season, we will be a middle of the road Champ club, if we are lucky, for some time to come. Look at Southampton, Coventry, and ultimately Leicester, and it could well get a whole lot worse.

Given that Charlton is not likely to appeal to an overseas billionaire in the immediate future, I just feel a distinct lack of enthusiasm for this prospective signing. As I said up top of this posting, I know nothing, and will be the first to eat my words if indeed he does sign, and proves to be the next Sir Clive

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