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Monday, 26 May 2008

Backing Shyly Into The Limelight

I am not an Addickt, honest......I just have a bit of a cold today.

And so, another Charlton blog is born! It is not my intention to post every day, but hopefully two or three times a week, assuming there is something to say of course. And so, welcome Mark Hudson from our cousins in SE25.

Living deep in the heart of Palace territory as I do, I confess here and now, that I don't have the same antipathy towards the Nigels that most Charlton fans have. Ron Noades however, is a completely different kettle of fish!

A few days ago, before the Hudson transfer happened, I was shooting the breeze with a Palace supporting friend of mine, whose views on Mark Hudson were at one with most of what I have read about him since, namely that he is a solid journeyman pro, whose best season was the one just finished. Prone to the odd gaffe, he is generally sound, and as Palace's captain, sounds like he has the type of leadership qualities that Alan Pardew believes will be required for a tilt at promotion next season.

I hope he is a signing to strengthen the squad, rather than as a replacement for Magic, but I guess time will tell on that one. I also wonder what his signing will do to the future Charlton career of Monteiro? With Gibbs, Sankofa, and Powell gone, and with Bent (hopefully) on his way, my biggest wish is that we get a replacement creative midfielder. Such a player may exist within the club already, but I have seen no evidence since the sale of Reid, to suggest that this is the case.

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